Custom T-Shirts

We create fully customized apparel that delivers a great value and head-turning quality.

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Custom t-shirts are a really great way to celebrate a special event, show school pride, or organize office functions. That probably explains why custom t-shirts are actually the number one item that customers order from us on a regular basis. In fact, we sell exponentially more t-shirts than any other apparel item in our facility. For this reason, it's absolutely essential that we serve customers with high-quality cotton apparel and quick printing processes that will produce long-lasting results.

Making an Impression with High-Quality T-Shirts

It's not uncommon to see custom t-shirts that look ragged and worn, even if they're only a few weeks or months old. That's because the printing company cut corners and used low-quality cotton shirts that simply have no chance against daily wear, washing machines, and routine spills. At Ward Sales Company, we use high-quality materials, expert printing processes, and quick methods. Our customers get great products that last, which has always been the hallmark of both Upstate and American manufacturing.

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